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The man sprang inexplicable caused by the subway elevator outage condemned behavior risk original title: man inexplicably sprang subway elevator outage Beijing new morning news hotline (reporter Li Yang) Mr Li reflect, in November 10th, he rode the elevator up at Dongzhimen subway station, the elevator pedal suddenly turned up (see chart), then the outage, fortunately no the incident was injured. Beijing Metro official micro-blog release information, said 4 pm the same day, a male passenger in line Dongzhimen station to take the elevator, jumped on the elevator, the weight of the front plate, resulting in a sudden stop of the elevator. Lee told reporters that the same day at 4 pm, he took the escalator in the northeast of Dongzhimen station, where the flow is relatively large, one after another to take the elevator. When I was halfway up the elevator, the elevator suddenly stopped. The body can not help but shook a bit, I quickly grabbed the handrail this is nothing. After a moment’s pause in the elevator, I saw no more trouble, and it was carefully crossed the damaged pedal and left the scene". Also in the field of public Wang recalls: "I took the elevator just up, go about 10 meters away, behind suddenly heard a loud noise, a look back, lift the pedal up, now also feel scared." See the reporter from the online publication of the video, a man wearing a green jacket, take the elevator to the elevator exit, suddenly the legs to jump forward, then the elevator stops running. The man behind the 4 passengers also due to the sudden outage of the elevator, the inertia of the body suddenly tilted forward. Users have condemned vandalism of the dangerous behavior of man. Reporters call the Beijing subway service hotline, the staff said there were no injuries when the incident. Currently, the elevator has been repaired can be used normally. Staff said, has been released in Beijing subway official micro-blog related information. The reporter learned from the micro-blog, 10 at 4 pm, a male passenger in the Metro Line 2 Dongzhimen station to take the elevator, due to jump on the elevator, the weight of front plate, causing the subsequent impact caused by the 4 front pedal board, a cascade of damage, elevator outage. Ms. Wang for clues: Mr. Chen responsibility editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章:

Strange custom Ethiopia tribal women were hit harder the more love! – Sohu travel k-boxing

Strange custom: Ethiopia tribal women were hit harder the more love! Sohu – two in the afternoon we went to the tourist, the southern Ethiopia trough of the Omo Hamo tribe, a river tribe, the river everywhere to sit or stand with women’s hammer. Obviously, they are tribal Yan value to play, in fact, their dress is also more prominent in the tribal temperament. A woman has a hammer like chocolate brown red skin, body and hair with butter and red powder with a mixture of dyes, showing a drop of fresh brown and shiny. The shell and the bead chain include a variety of colors, red, white, blue, and green, and are more eye – catching on brown skin. They rub the hair into braids, arm set with various kinds of silver or copper bracelets, wearing handmade sheepskin vest or simply topless. The bell decoration on the legs, but it is wearing a vest, the clothes are large and loose, can only play a decorative role and a few non occlusion function. Those who are either round or serious sagging breasts will be rude to break out and enjoy the caress of the sun. To distinguish between the hammer girl is married, just look at the neck is two thick collar, a married woman have this collar. But there is a special collar but not every Youfuzhifu can wear — it is a symbol of the first lady in the house. Status symbols for wooden collar, extends out of the bottom of a rafter head. They are the harem boss. Tribal polygamy followed Hamo, wearing wooden collar women status in the family than other women, they manage the food, is also responsible for the management of other women and children. Shortly after we arrived, suddenly the surging crowd, women collective standing, excited horn dance, as the protagonist — jump ruthless Huan courtship dancers dance: a man holding a whip lashed in the women’s back, I saw the whip off, flesh and blood fuzzy, we can see that scary. The whip as if not pumping in their bodies but smoke in our heart, and those who are smoking women are in deep gasped after facial expression more exciting pleasure. They say, play, love. The more ruthless, the more love. So, bloodshed is the highest state of love. After beating back, badly mutilated. The woman on the right side of the back is the scab in addition to this, there is another woman hammer shocking fashion: the girls at the age of 12, began carving his own body, they draw a knife with a knife in the body back, abdomen, arm, etc. the wound well became a scar. Hamer argued that the number and size of a woman’s body is beautiful or not depends on her! And decided to marry her. That is to say, if you want to marry a good husband, to self mutilation, and another is a woman through this ceremony to show their courage, strong, and can. The price of beauty is death, and many girls have died. Because even if they can endure the pain of the ritual, they have to go through the healing process. .相关的主题文章:

August Taiwan Institute of manufacturing business to pick up signs but still remains in the doldrums coreldraw快捷键大全

August: Taiwan Institute of manufacturing business to pick up signs but still remains in the doldrums – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Taipei, September 30 (reporter Liu Gang Xu Xueyi) Taiwan Institute of economic research published on the 30 August economic trends, shows the individual industry pick up signs of stable manufacturing, but overall remained sluggish on behalf of the yellow and blue lights. This is a hospital for second consecutive months given the manufacturing boom yellow and blue lights. Before July of this year, Taiwan manufacturing had continuous blue light flashed 15 stars on behalf of the recession. The prosperity signal Taiwan Institute provides the main component of the project, 4 projects, 1 to reduce the fraction. Among them, the demand side to increase the maximum increase of 0.94 points, the operating environment increased by an average of 0.78 points, the raw material input and cost side increased by 0.32 points and 0.21 points, the price side is reduced by 0.93. On the whole, August manufacturing boom signal value is increased by 1.32 to 11.84. At the same time, decline in the proportion of blue light decreased from 47.19% in July to 17.41% in August, the yellow and blue lights downturn increased from 50.65% to 67.59%, flat light is increased from 2.16% to 12.39%, the red light yellow on behalf of the ascending increased from 0 to 2.60%. However, there is still no red light in August. The Taiwan Institute pointed out that, thanks to exports for 2 consecutive months of positive growth, the annual growth rate of export orders and confirmation, to provide the manufacturing demand for energy, manufacturing boom in August to lay the foundation for stable temperature. But the boom has improved, the experts generally conservative attitude, think it can only say that the economy is stabilized, as to whether it can still be observed until the end of the real reversal.相关的主题文章:

What time should the mother to child labor hospital – Sohu steam_api.dll

What time should the mother went to the hospital to expectant mothers hard – Sohu maternal pregnant for ten months to give birth to a healthy baby, is the last step in production. When it comes to production, a lot of expectant mothers feel terrible, because we all say that having children is a very painful thing. However, expectant mothers do not be afraid, to the moment you will feel that they are Superman, even if the pain again you will be brave production. In the production of a step, that is to be produced. Pregnancy and its appendages after full 28 weeks by maternal childbirth called normal delivery. Before childbirth, there will always be a number of symptoms to tell the prospective mother is about to produce, these symptoms are called the precursor of childbirth. Delivery aura: false labor: mothers feel abdominal waves of pain, feel the contraction duration is short, long and irregular intermittent pain, and the pain will be a little bit more, always appears in the evening, the morning disappeared again, can be sedatives inhibition. Sense of fetal decline: because of the first drop into the pelvis, the mother will feel the baby has a sense of decline, feeling more comfortable with the upper abdomen than before, the appetite will be much better, breathing lighter. To show an oppressive bladder vision, the mother will appear frequent micturition symptoms. Red: 24 hours 48 minutes later, the wall of the uterus and the separation membranes near the palace in the mouth of the pre capillary rupture of vaginal discharge, little yellow blood, and cervical mucus discharge tube mixed, called "red". If you find yourself red, it means you may be about to produce. The above three kinds of symptoms represent you will want to produce, to get ready to do labor. After three of the above symptoms, you will feel the pain of contractions is more and more intense, more and more regularly, while continuing the increasingly long time, abdominal pains are more and more tight, which means you immediately to the production. Hurry to the hospital to be produced is a pressing matter of the moment. Although the above pre delivery, but if you are the first production, so from the first to the uterus uterine opening general also experienced a few hours. So mothers do not have to be too nervous, panic, ahead of the preparatory work well, and then go to the hospital on it. If the hospital is far away, traffic inconvenience, it is best to go to the hospital early. When the contraction interval time is shortened to 10 minutes each time l, that you want to produce, this time the mother can in the delivery room waiting for the happiness, tense and exciting moment is coming. If you haven’t had time to go to the hospital to have "broken water", it is best to stay in the Trendelenburg position, then let the family put himself to the hospital, to avoid fetal accidents. How do babies born before mothers do not have too much pressure, don’t worry, anxious mood, treat the production must be calm. You can practice some of the action with the delivery, master the breath during childbirth, relaxation and contraction of the muscles of the essentials. It is even more important to prepare some of the necessary items before the due date, especially for the first time, so it can be avoided by accident相关的主题文章:

2016 Guangzhou auto show S90 long wheelbase version of the pre-sale 389 thousand and 800 – Sohu winlinez

The 2016 Guangzhou auto show: S90 long wheelbase 389 thousand and 800 pre-sale – Sohu car / automobile Sohu 2016 Guangzhou auto show]2016 Guangzhou auto show, Volvo officially announced the S90 long wheelbase version of the T4 and T5 models for the sale price of 38.98-57.98 million yuan. It is reported that Volvo S90 long wheelbase version of T5 is expected to be listed in December 15, 2016, T8 version will be officially listed in the first half of 2017. (Note: T6 AWD version S90 standard wheelbase version of Volvo sales) S90 long wheelbase version of extended 120mm based on S90, and all for a long wheelbase, which makes the car body size reached 5083× 1879× 1450mm, wheelbase is up to 3061mm, up to the current standard of domestic long wheelbase large luxury cars in. Compared with the main Audi A6L and BMW 5 series Li level competing products, it is the main data in the list. Appearance, Volvo S90 long wheelbase version and imported cars remained the same, hammer LED headlamps group family of Thor has greatly improved the recognition. With the imported version is different, the new front bumper chrome trim design is more in line with the interests of the people, the details of the tail is mainly different Volvo Asia Pacific logo to further prove its identity. It is worth mentioning that the Volvo S90 T8 long wheelbase three honorary version of the vehicle to cancel the copilot seat, the main idea of the car inside the office, providing a very large space for the rear passenger. The car rear car is equipped with a wide range of office facilities, including a folding table and computer support, to create a luxurious office atmosphere. Power, the new car will be equipped with 2.0T four cylinder engine and offers three power options, including the T4 models of the maximum power of 211 horsepower; T5 models maximum power of 282 horsepower; T8 models equipped with a hybrid system, the maximum power of 413 horsepower, peak torque of 400 cattle M & middot; 0-100km, H acceleration time of 5.3 seconds. Transmission, the engine will be matched with the 8 block manual gearbox.相关的主题文章: